Ari Parker Finishes the Job!

A magic wand in Ari Parkers hand guarantees someone is going to have a good time, and nothing could be further from the truth in the recent FinishHim video shows. Once you press play, you’ll see what Im talking about in this one. Ari Parker is super skinny, toned and tight. Her body is lubed up in oil and she has a masked man next to her. She also has a big cock in one hand, and a vibrator in the other…a true multi tasker. Ari rubs his cock while at the same time playing with her pussy.

Its a duo orgasm, because once this guy spurts his seeds, Ari is right in sync with him as she moans and groans for an orgasm of her own. She focuses mush of her energy on herself, but when the masked man is about to blow his load, she shifts her attention to finishing the job for him. She plays with his cum and continues to rub her tight pussy in the process. Check out some of the free sample pics below and press play to view this video.

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