Massage and milking session with Taylor Pierce

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Some girls are good at riding, some chicks are better at sucking cock. Taylor Pierce needs nothing but her hands in order to make a guy cum though. Her victim today is about to find that out. This guy doesn’t know what he’s in for when he goes to get a massage at her place. He thinks that he’s there to relax, but things are going to get hot and tense real soon. She strokes his dick gently and passionately and you can already see the excitement building up inside him. This girl really knows her stuff when it comes to cock handling. She then starts to use her entire hand as she wraps it around his dick. She moves her hand up and down and he feels the tension start to release and then build up again with every one of her strokes. He knows that this is only the beginning though as she starts to speed up but only ever so slightly.

This is just enough for his cock to become fully erect and she uses this opportunity to start using both hands. She has her own technique that she uses, and it certainly can’t be matched by anyone else in the business. Somewhere along the way she also decides that it’s a good time to start stripping down. She takes off her bra and lays next to the guy. He really feels it now, as she starts stroking his cock harder and harder with every movement of her hand. Her tits are just amazing to look at, but so is her amazing commitment when it comes to making this guy cum. She starts going really hard at this point and you can tell that the guy won’t be able to last much longer. With a few more speed boosts and the right amount of pressure, the guy simply can’t hold on any longer and he ends up cumming all over the place. She milks that cock completely dry and you can see that she keeps going until the last drop is out. She loves the sight of her hard work and can’t wait for her next client to come along so that she can show us more.

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