Raquel Roper Pumps His Penis

Sound the alarms because Raquel Roper is in the building! Thats means only one thing and that thing is her hands gripped around a cock. But when she finds her step brother trying to make his penis bigger using a penis pump she laughs at him. “Those things dont work!, Your an idiot!”. But one glance at his already hard dick makes Raquel curious. Maybe she could help him out? She never knew his cock was so big, but shes not sure its the penis pump or her big tits right in his face.

She agrees to not tell anyone, its very embarrassing but she gives the guy mercy. She tells him she will jack him off and handjob him if he can cum inside the pump. What guy could resist? After all, its handjob queen Raquel. The dude kicks back and Raquel begins to jack him off with the pump. She loves seeing him squirm. His body trembles and his legs shake and thats could only mean shes about to make him spurt his seed all over the place. When she pumps faster and faster the dude blows his cum load big time.

Raquel talks dirty while at the same time pumping the remainder of his cum from his cock. She just wont stop until every last drop is extracted form hos penis. Whats more, shes amazed at the size of his load. She cleans herself up and tells him next time she might actually let him fuck her. We can only hope. For more of the Finish Him video check the link below and enjoy.

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