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Teen spinner Brooke Bliss is a brand new porn model and makes her debut with in epic fashion. She loves to give handjobs and she love it even more when these handjobs result in a hard and big cumshot. This is what happens to this dude in a black body suit. We handed Brooke a dick and tried to see how long it would take for him to cum. Suffice it to say, he tried so hard not to cum, but Brooke Bliss just didn’t stop until she finished him off with her incessant cock milking technique!

Brooke is super spunky and one eager beaver when is comes to cock milking because as you can see in this handjob video, she just doesn’t stop until she makes him spurt his seed all over the place. Once she finds his sweet spot (his cock head), she focuses intently on this area until he has no choice but to explode. The poor dude lasted a few minutes but we give him credit for trying not to cum, damn near impossible with the sensual teener Brooke Bliss. Click below to see more of this video.

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Brooke Bliss Finish Him Cum

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