Harper Wright Knows How To Use Her Hands

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The beautiful milf Harper Wright is more than just a hardworking housewife, she’s also the master of massages! What kind of massages? Dick massages. Yeah, that’s right, you’ll get the dick massage of your lifetime with this babe, and you’re going to love it. She doesn’t sugarcoat it either, she knows that you’re about to feel amazing and she is proud of her craft. Harper gets into the room and sees you lying there waiting for her. It doesn’t take long before she’s on her knees in front of you and she’s pulling your cock out of your pants. She takes it in her hand as she pulls your underwear down and you immediately start feeling the blood flow going down to your cock to her gentle touch.

She starts caressing your dick really gently and sensually at first and you feel every stroke of her hand. It makes you feel good and relaxed, but soon after that, you start getting excited too. She starts using some interesting techniques and you can definitely tell that this handjob is about to go out of control. And you’re right, her hands start gripping a bit harder and she starts rubbing it a bit faster and soon enough you’re feeling like you’re about to blow and she’s not even using the best of her skills yet. Sure enough, she speeds up a bit more and now you’re feeling like there’s nut just begging to come out. The technique of it as well, it’s all so amazing. The only possible thing that’s even more amazing than the blowjob are her succulent tits. They complement her glasses really well. But you’re feeling too good to notice all of those details and you can feel as if though you’re ascending towards heaven. Just then, you can’t hold it in any longer and you have to bust all over here hands and face. It’s an amazing view and she loves seeing the result of her hard work. She’s glad you got to spend time together and hopes to help out in the future.

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