Gia Vendetti Finishes the Job!

John is super stoked about his new date. But luckily for him Gia Vendetti just happens to be his hot step sister. Its not weird or anything to get a tug from your sis, ask anyone. Well maybe its slightly weird btu the fact that his step sister is really cute, petite and has perky little tits, it makes the taboo tug a bit more worthwhile. He knows hes going to get lucky but her really nervous about blowing his load too quickly. Whats more, he hasn’t jerked off in weeks.

He confides in his Latina step sister all of these worries. Gia is a true sport and asks him if he would like his crank wanked before he goes on his date. Hell yeah! But they must keep it a secret. After all, its super taboo for your sis to tug your wood. Gia proceeds to pull his cock until he had no choice whatsoever. He unloads his warm goop all over himself. Wow, Gia Vendetti is super nice. She didn’t lick it off of him because tat would be really taboo, but in any event the dude spurt his seed hard and now he can go on his date relaxed. Meanwhile, Gia Vendetti goes about her business. Amazing hot scene so peep the pics and press the play button for more!

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