Marilyn Mansion Got a Buttplug From Her Teacher

Give a girl a butt plug and she’ll probably stick it up her butt. This is so true. Well, not actually, but it definitely rings true for teen student Marilyn Mansion because the second after she gets a butt plug it went right up her butt by her horny teacher Mr. Franklin. See, Mr. Franklin hasn’t really fucked his wife in a long ass time so he’s super horny. Problem is Marilyn Mansion keeps teasing him in class. This poses a problem because as a married man he doesn’t want to fuck up his life and all. So he does what any normal human being would do…get a handjob instead. No harm no foul right? Well, wrong actually. Because Marilyn Mansion strokes his bone so good and so skillfully the poor guy almost passes out from the intense handjob action.  She turns around and exposes the diamond butt plug and well, this is just too much for Mr. Franklin and he spurts his warm white seed across her asshole filled buttplug. 

Marilyn Mansion Porn
Marilyn Mansion Finish Him
student fucks her teacher

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