She Fucked With Her Trainer, Now shes In Trouble

Kendra heart about to get into porn

Kendra Heart is in big trouble when her training session gets out of hand, and by out of hand I mean she uses her hand to milk his hard cock. her trainer is one buff dude, and this turns on Kendra heart in a big way in this new video from

As you can tell, the chemistry is intense and theirs no hiding the fact that these two people have raging hormones that are totaly out of control. But Kendra knows how to play it coy and when she turns on her feminine charm, the poor dude is helpless. Mesmerizes by her pussy powers he cant help but pull out of cock and start letting her tug on it until he unload his white man goo. For a good handjob, Kendra Heart proves she is the ultimate handjob queen.

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